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Feb 7, 2012
So, I killed my phone. But that's been covered in other posts already.
There's so many reasons that this is a crappy situation.... I really can't afford a new phone, or actually, a decent phone. I was going to get a new phone when my tax refund came in a few months from now, but for right now, Best Buy has the Kyocera Event for $30 this week.... not a great phone, but it will be fine for a few months. Hell, I'll finally be moving up to ICS.

But the most bittersweet part about everything- I really loved my Triumph. YES, I know it wasn't the greatest even when it first came out, but since I was coming from a Samsung Intercept, hell, it was a big improvement. I ran it stock for the longest time, and I didn't root until having my Triumph (actually my replacement Triumph) for nearly two years after first buying it.

But it's not just the phone. I have to say that it was this page, this group that was so amazing. I've checked out pages for other phones on androidforums.com, and there's NO other phone that has such great fans and devs. I will miss this page more than I will miss the phone. But I'll keep checking in, I'm hoping that one day someone will figure out how to run 4.0 and higher, AND have a fully working cameras. Hell, if that happens, I might even buy another Triumph.

But now, I want to give back to the Triumph community, by donating my dearly departed phone to a dev that will put it to good use. I've got the phone, an extra battery and charger, a hard and soft covers/cases for it.

Thanks to everyone here. It will be interesting to see years from now, who's got the last running Triumph.
I've got (I hope, I may be getting the last one in their system.. or not!) an iphone4 on order from RadioShack should be here by Wednesday. My Triumph is on stock ROM, works as good as new, sell it to ya cheap....

ended up cancelling the iphone when I heard my area (san diego) will finally get 4lte in the next few months,so I put the deposit on a Samsung Galaxy S3. You know it's pretty and all but I have to say it doesn't do anything for me that my triumph didn't do. okay I got some apps back that were unsupported on froyo. however as pretty as it is the S3 just added layers of complication that have not been fun to wade through just to master basic functions.

And FWIW all the ringtones on the S3 are, for lack of a better term, that g** thing. light on its loafers, working out with richard simmons. not that that's necessarily bad, I mean hey Richard's a blast to have around a party. Just not for a son, or to have for a phone.
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