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Help Google Calendar Not Sync'ing, But Once Was

My Google calendar was sync'ing fine, then some time back stopped sync'ing. I noticed that events were not in sync, so I wanted to recheck the sync settings under Accounts > Google and it gives me only the option to "Touch to sync now". This works and everything syncs, but just when I ask it to.

When I check in the default calendar app (Menu > More > Calendars) it shows the calendar in question as "synced, visible". Visible it is, but sync'ed it is not. Under Accounts > Google it just lists the last time I pressed "Touch to sync now"

I recall turning off automatic sync'ing for Reader and Mail, and leaving the Calendar on synch when I began using the Universal Inbox, but for the life of me I cannot find where you enable/disable automatic sync'ing for these anymore.

Please help a poor soul who is losing his mind. If I am missing something simple, feel free to point at me and laugh (provided you tell me the answer first :)).

Thanks for your help.
Found a fix by turning on the Power Control and widget and tapping the synch icon. I must've turned it off when I was playing with that widget some time ago. Now I have the checkboxes to select which Google Services I want to sync automatically under Accounts > Google.

Still trying to see if that is the only way to turn off and on syncing.

Prior to finding this, I did try clearing the data from the Calendar Storage application to no avail. Thanks for the idea though.
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