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Google Documents on myTouch?

Not sure if this is an Android issue or a myTouch phone issue.

First I downloaded an app called GDocs which was supposed to be an interface to Google Documents, but it didn't work very well for me. I then thought to just go straight to the URL (docs.google.com) and it looked good.

This is a great way for wife and I (both got myTouch) to share docs like TODO lists or grocery lists, etc....

The problem is that although the main screen looks fine, I get an error when I open a text/word style document. It appears to open spreadsheets just fine, but when I click our shopping list document it returns a server error.

I double checked and it was working fine on computer....so why would it not work (only for that type of document) on the myTouch?

Any ideas?

At least I know now that I'm not the only one.

I did find another google help thread, but it seemed to go forever and the "simple solution" provided did not help.

See here for an enhancement request to add native support for Google Docs to Android - I image it will come in the form of a reworked HTML5 version once Google moves away from Google Gears to HTML5:

Issue 1865 - android - Google Docs should be supported on Android - Project Hosting on Google Code
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