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Google Drive downloaded ITSELF


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Jan 26, 2010
Now I know some people might see that as a "Google just gave me bloatware without my asking" but I view it as "I get to try out their newest apps right away, the moment they launch without having to go find them myself."

I read the article, clicked on the link to go to the store and download it for myself, and lo and behold it was already on my phone. Yeah, I'd like to get updated past 4.02 (shakes fist at Verizon) but getting stuff like this first and without asking for it still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Just my 2 cents.
did you have google Docs installed before? and do you have auto update on?
if so, your 'docs" app just updated itself....that all.
google docs = google drive.

if not, then that is kinda weird and shouldn't happen. i dont care what the app does, i dont want it auto installing on its own...but thats just me....FWIW, i installed it the minute i saw it.
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Yep. I had Docs already installed for other reasons. Didn't realize that Drive replaced it. Even so, it's still pretty cool that it immediately updated itself as soon as they announced it. Like I stated before I get why people wouldn't be thrilled if it HAD downloaded itself automagically to their phones, but for me, my initial reaction was one of happiness and delight. I like trying new stuff. If there were an option to opt into future app releases as a tester or as a first wave download when they became available, I'd do it.
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