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Help Google Music issues after Marshmallow Update

I did a quick search and no one else seems to have a thread discussing this, but I could be wrong...

Since updating to Marshmallow, my LG G4 has not been working properly with Google Play Music. It works perfectly while the screen is on and unlocked. The issues begin when the screen times out and locks. While the screen is locked, my music starts skipping every few seconds as though it's buffer is running out and needs to catch up. My music is stored locally on the device; I discovered this issue while on a flight, in airplane mode.

I assume this has to do with Marshmallow's new power management features, so I've added the app to my excepted apps list in the power management settings, I've disabled power management entirely, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and I've even done a factory data reset. None fix the problem.

Anyone else have this issues? Any suggestions?

My issue is with Bluetooth. It's all I use. I found that I had already set Google music to be ignored in the doze settings. Must have done it a while back. I also found that I had the restrict apps in background checked. Unchecked it and it seems better. It's definitely not cutting out like it was before. Need to try it for another day.
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I just got the Marshmallow update last week and now none of my music applications work correctly. Im having the same issues when the screen times out and locks, my music stops as though it is buffering. I then have to turn on the screen and unlock the phone, only then will the music start again after a few seconds, sometimes I will have to go back a few seconds in the song for it to restart. The music will only play for 30 seconds to a few mins (if I'm lucky), none of my apps can even play through a full song. My downloaded music on my devices stock music player works perfectly, it is all of my music apps: SoundCloud, Pandora, Ditigally Imported, and Amazon Music. I listen to my music anywhere from 6-12 hrs a day at work. This issue is driving me crazy!!!!!! I have also tried uninstalled and reinstalling all the apps and that didn't help. I really don't want to do a factory data reset. It took me over 8 hrs to get my phone the way I like it when purchased...who has that kind of time o_O
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