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Google Now doesn't list installed apps


Oct 1, 2012
Since I upgraded my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 - AT&T) to Jelly Bean 4.1.2, the Google search function (now it's Google Now) doesn't return any installed apps. If I begin typing 'imd' it used to return a list of various matching results, including the installed IMDb app. It no longer does. And yes, I have selected 'installed apps' in Google Now's settings.

Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions? Thanks
Yup they claim to have patented it so they sue the biggest android OEM. i had local (on the phone) search on a Nokia Symbian smartphone that was launched before the first iphone lol!
Its strange how the ruling only affected the US.
I remember when samsung removed it from the s3, they did it in a firmware update and "forgot" to tell the users theyd lose that function :banghead::D
P.s, youll maybe notice your screen no longer has that elasticy "bounce" when you scroll to the bottom of a list or a page. Apple own that too lol :D
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Still works for me. Running Android 4.2.2

I've no idea if this is due to the custom rom I'm running though.

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