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Google Play App missing

I did that and its not there although I only have two categories, downloaded and running. Is there a tab for"all"somewhere?

Odd, on mine I swipe left from all to get to running, then swipe left again to get to all.:dontknow:

BTW, I have asked some friends for help with this as well, so hopefully well get you up and running shortly.

and finally
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I have a HTC Desire and I've had my Google Play App for ages but suddenly it just disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. I called HTC and they said to reset and I did that and android market appeared for about 2 minutes then that disappeared as well. Since the reset, all my apps have gone and every-time I try any way I can to download apps it wont work (tried the web, tried my browser on my phone, nothing)

PLEASE help, I can't afford a new handset!

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