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Help Google search bar not functioning as its suppose to.


Nov 13, 2016
Hello Androidforums,
good morning/good afternoon/ good evening depending on which timezone your watching this from
I am having a small problem with my Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 (GT-P5100) device
When i open google search and use it to search something,
you can see what happens in this video here
now as you see,
i search something and all that happens is the keyboard vanishes and reappears again.
whats suppose to happen is i need to get a series of search results from google apps as you all know it.
I dont know why this is happening.

What i did before this happened was that i just reset the tab because it was really badly maintained with lot of unwanted apps and some really random memory dumps. So i wanted to quickly reset the tab and have a fresh device in just a click of a button (which is why i didnt take the hassle of deleting everything which would have taken a lot of time).

And by the way, yeah. that's the last system update i got for the tab and its pretty outdated. google does look old, but its suppose to do the same job anyway.

Please help me fix this, all help is appreciated.
thank you for taking your time to help me out once again.
Have an awesome day.


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