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samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1

  1. I

    Help Pleease HELP- Bricked gt-p5113 build prop edit FAIL!!

    Not a noob but definitely feeling like a ****. Fiddled with build prop editor trying to shave off some lag and it's stuck on the splash screen and I can't even force a shut down. Keeps restarting with pow/vol dn. I still have stock recovery, and DL mode works BUT Odin won't recognize, (driver...
  2. K

    [HELP THREAD] cm-13 on gt-p5100 3 posts Thanks: 0

    Hello guys, I installed cm-13 successfully and it was operating fine until yesterday. Today I tried to install a theme or something and it hung. So i just felt like doing a factory reset and I did it through my cwm recovery. But before that i made a backup, then i did the reset, then i did the...
  3. G

    Help Google search bar not functioning as its suppose to.

    Hello Androidforums, good morning/good afternoon/ good evening depending on which timezone your watching this from I am having a small problem with my Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 (GT-P5100) device Problem: When i open google search and use it to search something, you can see what happens in this...
  4. N

    Reboots repeatedly but can't get into recovery mode

    As my tablet had suddenly started repeatedly crashing then rebooting, I tried clearing the user cache from the system menu. My idea was to see if this fixed the problem, and if not I would then try a factory reset. The cache clear failed, "error" was briefly displayed, then the tablet rebooted...
  5. R

    Tablet starts always in recovery mode with dead battery and "No command"

    Good morning, I have a problem with my tablet Samsung Tab 2 10'. When I start it, it goes to recovery mode with a dead battery and a red triangle and a message "No command" Some options are displayed: "Apply update from external" .. .. "Wipe factory reset" "Wipe cache". I tried twipe...
  6. R

    help with screen capture

    This issue is with a Samsung Galaxy tab 2-10.1 GT-P5113 that I am giving to a friend. Before I get into the issue. This Samsung tablet is in good working order and is not rooted, it is stock. Now I am have a lot of trouble getting a screen shot on this tablet holding down the power button +...
  7. R

    re: a problem with the on screen keybord

    This is with a Samsung Galaxy 2-10.1 GT-P5113. I was told to do the following to turn off the on screen keyboard so I could use my Bluetooth keyboard. ------------------------ It is simple to remove on-screen keyboard when you have Bluetooth keyboard. To remove on-screen keyboard, follow 5...
  8. A


    Whenever i boot up my samsung tab 2 10.1, it automatically boots into recovery mode. I wiped the cache and factory reset it before it happened and now it is stuck like this. Whenever I click reboot now, it just shuts off. What am I supposed to do? X(
  9. Christ0phe

    GT-P5110: does not reboot after sucessful firmware flashing - Firmware upgrade encountered an issue

    Hello, After a tentative firmware update I now get the 'Firmware upgrade encountered an issue' error message when I boot my Samsung tab P5110. I have tried to connect via Kies but Kies does not recognize it. I have then tried various versions of Odin (3.7, 3.9, 3.10) associated to several...
  10. R

    a few questions about android v firefox

    When I am done using Firefox on my tablet. How do I shut Firefox off (not minimize it) but completely shut off Firefox so that the next time I use Firefox it opens to the preset home screen that is already setup for. Steve
  11. R

    re: the charge and USB cables on this tablet

    I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 2-10.12 GT-P 5113 CE 0168 that I got not to long ago. The tablet it self works fine. But I am having a bit of a problem with the cables and plugs that came with the tablet, see picture bellow. The long cable with the rubber band around it is the only cable that will...
  12. R

    Help Tab II won't charge

    My tab will not charge or start. The cable failed and the battery became VERY low. I ordered other cables and turned off the tab. When the cables arrived, they would not charge the tab, even overnight. The tab will not start and shows no sign of recognising the charge. I do not know if it is...
  13. rohan_1

    Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5110-Bootloop/ODIN Flash Fail

    Device running Android 4.1.1 stuck in bootloop (not from rooting, just standard failure). Have attempted to restore the device with a stock ROM but get a Complete(write) Operation Failed when it is writing thesystem.img. Have tried Odin v3.04 and v3.10.7 and the following ROMS...
  14. R

    I need some help with a samsung galaxy tab 2 that I just got

    I just got this Samsung Galaxy tab 2 -10.2 model gt-p5113 at an Amateur Radio swap meet on Sat. It boots up just fine. But the manual that I found online at http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/201210/20121003035803869/GT-P5113_English_User_Manual_LH3_F1.pdf . On page 13 it talks about...
  15. J

    Help Several Issues

    Hi - I'm new to the forum and have several issues with my one year old Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. It takes forever to start up. Keep getting Facebook Session Expired and asking me to login again which I do and nothing happens, but Facebook is open and not expired. I have not been able to...
  16. K

    Help HELP! Need to get digital copy on gt2

    Im going on a long plain ride this weekend and can't seem to download VUDU on my galaxy tab 2. The play store says not compatible with this device. Im running 4.2.2 and no other update is available. Does anyone know any other apps to alow me to download the HD digital copies to my device?
  17. kb0sdq

    Root Galaxy tab 2 verizon sch-i915

    Howdy, Just got two tab 2 10.1 tabs new from verizon they have 4.1 on them. Was who was wondering if there is a root available for this device and also I cannot find a cm rom for the device either any information for root or newer operating system please let me know thank you very much happy new...
  18. T

    Hotmail website

    Does anybody know if hotmail website has been stopped or similar, when i go to my hotmail bookmark on my tab and enter my log in details it just brings up a blank page every time, its been doing it at least a month now. I have the outlook app on my phone and can log in fine but going to the...
  19. kb0sdq

    Help Galaxy tab 2 verizon need info

    Howdy, Just signed up with verizon I bought two note 4's and the gave me two sch-i915 galaxy tab 2 10.1" for free. The only have jellybean for a os. Been looking around, but I do not find much info on these tabs Lots of references to the 5100 and p53 something but reall not to much nor any ports...
  20. J

    Help OTG Dongle not recognized

    All of a sudden, I can't view files (pictures) on my Galaxy tab 2 10.1. I purchased a new dongle from amazon, used the same thumb drive (32GB) I have used before. The upper left corner of the tablet shows it connected, then disappears, and no pictures or recognition that an OTG connection is...
  21. S

    Help Firmware upgrade encountered an issue - Samung tab 2 P5100

    So I got given an AFAIK unrooted GT-P5100 (from Belgium) by my friend to try and fix as they had got the Interpol/ FBI thing on it. So i looked around the web and tried Safe Mode but couldnt get that to work at all so I thought I would just do a factory reset. So I got into the options by...
  22. L

    Root Apps to mirror my Android device screen on my laptop

    I need an application to mirror my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (GT-P5110) screen on my laptop (or TV) My tablet is rooted. If possible a little tutorial would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  23. B

    Help Full Device Memory ('Storage Running Out' Message)

    Hello all, I have a T2 10 and my device memory is completely full and I cannot move or view files when I connect the tablet to my Win10 desktop system. In fact the file manager shows very few files... as well not able to back up either. Is there something I can do to move the files from my...
  24. David2015

    Help boot loop

    I have a Samsung tab 2 10.1 GT-p5113 WiFi model. when i start up that tablet it turns on correctly and the login screen shows up. I am able to login but then after one minute it turns of by it self and restarts again. This loop will continue until I am able to turn the tablet completely off...
  25. S

    Help Tab 2 can't stay connected to the internet

    My Samsung galaxy tab 2 has just been collecting dust for a month or 2 and today I went over to it and it to get it a software update. I tried the update multiple times but every time I tried it the WiFi would lose signal for until the update stopped trying the connection. I tried to open up...