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Help Google search results


Dec 10, 2011
My HTC Desire used to suffer from a problem whereby you search for something on Google (even though it's set to Google UK) and the results were from the American Google site. :thinking:

It was highly annoying so when I got my SGS2 from O2 and it didn't suffer from this I was overjoyed. However, recently, my Galaxy S2 has started doing it too. :( I've deleted everything in the browser, set the Google search to UK, been in the settings for my Google account, everything I can think of, yet it still shows US results if I search from the address bar on the stock browser. I'm on O2 in the UK and it does it whether on wifi or 3g. Anyone know how to cure this irritating problem?
if you click on the search button, when it opens up press the menu button on the screen.
you should be able to select search settings and for web it will say google search.
click that and it should have a box that says 'use my location' this will give you results relevant to where you are.
if you havent checked this box i assume it will just give you results that arent based on your location.

this may be something that isnt checked as default due to not selecting location services when you first set up your phone.

thats the only settings i can see and i have never had any problems with my search, i'm also from the uk and get the results i want everytime :)
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