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Help Google Search Widget Problems After Android 12 Install


Sep 27, 2014
I am a Verizon subscriber with a Galaxy S21 phone.
I just installed Android 12 (G998USQU4BUK7).
I am having problems with the Google search Widget.
When I start typing into the widget, a list of possible search matches is presented below where I am typing, this is as before installing the Android update, the problem is that if I tap on any of the searches presented, nothing happens, as opposed to before when Google would perform the search I selected. I can continue typing into the search and search on what I have typed in, but that's it.
I've tried restarting the phone and removing and re-installing the widget from the home page with no joy.
TIA for any help.
Yes, all apps are up to date.
I just realized that this issue isn't just with the Google widget.
I tried logging in to this site from my phone and I could not type into the log in panel. I tried making an update to my calendar and I could not select anything from the drop down panel there.
The issue appears to be with any drop down panel.
Just for the heck of it, I decided to delete an old app called "Facebook Emoji Keyboard" and re-booted the phone.
The drop-downs are now working. Problem solved ! ;);)
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