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Help Google Search Widget with 2.0.1 Update??

Hey everyone. First time poster.

I am using the Motorola Droid and I just manually updated to the 2.0.1 firmware. Since updating (about 20 minutes ago) the Google Search Widget doesn't sit flush against the top status/notification bar on my home screen. It's kind of offset a little bit below it.

Call me OCD but this is really buggin me. :eek: Anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to fix it???

Thanks a lot.
You know, it took me forever to find someone else who had the same problem. Yeah, I'm OCD, i know it, but that's what keeps my life in order... the offsetting of the gadgey-widgey-whooza-ma-whatzit really irks me. I loved having it there just for whenever i'd need it, but I had to throw it away in order to have the fung-shui of a simple phone layout cohesive once again. If anyone finds a fix before googz sends another update to fix it, pls email me or post here, send my a letter, use a telegraph if u got one, i'll get the message, dont worry lol
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Yo everyone, so I found a solution but its gonna cost you. If you download Open Home (for $3.99) it will fix this issue and provide you with a google search widget that actually sits flush on the home screen. The program is really good however and provides a really customizable interface and a lot of other really cool features. Last350 - The program will also help with your quest for a fung-shui layout I'm sure
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