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Google voice invite... the faster way with .edu email

I see the benefits of Google voice, but I still like VVM.
Does GV have an app similar to VVM?

So are these the only perks, if so I don't understand the benefits:

  • Voicemail like emailReceive voicemail online in your inbox, search through voicemails and more.
  • Free text messagingSend free text messages online or using the Google Voice mobile app.
  • One number for lifeChoose a single number to give family, friends and potential employers.
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I have it.


1. You get a google number to pass out among your friends , relatives , dirtbags who will call you relentlessly.

2. You can forward the voicemailss to your phone via text messages and also as emails. Heck you can even load up google voice via internet and listen to your voicemails that way.

3.Scanning your emails and seeing your voicemails is almost like visual voicemail.

4. with google voice you can bypass incoming calls by giving out your google number and then having google dial their nmber ....walaa!
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