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GPS Issue and Battery FYI...

On a whim, I went to the Samsung website and chatted with their tech support people about the GPS issue and poor battery life.

He told me Samsung is aware of the GPS issue and they are working on a software update for it. They do not believe it is hardware related. Something we all knew already.

As for the battery issue, I don't know if I'm upset over this yet or not. He had me backup my calender and contacts, then do a hard factory reset on the phone. I asked why this was necessary and he told me it would restore it factory default (duh!). He then told me to charge my phone for 5-6 hours. Apparently, this is the method they are directing people if you contact them for battery problems.

I'll post up if the factory reset works.

Slightly perturbed...
- Randy
Anyone saving battery life by not using live wallpapers?

I actually turned off live wallpapers from the get go, because I heard about battery problems. I've also got GPS and WiFi disabled when not in use/near an access point. My brightness is turned all the way down, bluetooth is not used (as I have no headset). I had roughly 50 hours between charges, with roughly 4-5 hours of actual use browsing the internet/talking on the phone. So, I'm not a power user, but that's about just as long as I got with my iPhone 3GS that had the same usage. Just need to charge the battery down really low, and back up to full. Try not to do any half charges, or plugging it in at 40% if you can help it.
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So it's been about 10 days since I did this, and I must say....I think it worked. I went camping last weekend with no access to a charger. I took my phone off at 5am on Saturday, when I returned home on Sunday I was down around 38%. Is this wonderful? Not exactly, but it is a HUGE improvement over where I was.

So, if you're up for dealing with the pain of doing a factory reset on your phone, this seems to help.

- Randy
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