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Help GPS NOT working

I'm in DC for work and it's incredibly frustrating that my GPS has stopped working. It's not easy to navigate here even WITH it working.
I have tried:
Rebooting, battery pulls
Letting it acquire GPS signals for 20+ minutes
Turn on and off all location services
Used "GPS Test" app to see if that works and I get ZERO satellites.

I'm close to doing a factory reset, but that's BS.

Any ideas?
Result: Got stuck in a bootloop and I had to do a factory reset before I had the chance to back everything up.

I recently downloaded this:
I submitted this review:
I started getting advertisements in my notification bar! After a couple of weeks with it on my phone, I mysteriously got app shortcuts on my home screen called "App Store" and "Droid App". I never opened them because they weren't actual apps in my app drawer. I deleted them and uninstalled this app and haven't had problems since. The app itself works great for getting mp3s but this blatantly abuse of permissions is not acceptable.

My wife was also getting repeating texts from my phone saying that I had a new phone number and SIM card number.

I realize now that it was about this time I had trouble with my GPS. So, I have reason to believe this app was the problem.

My boot loop occurred after uninstalling all updates for G Maps and clearing a cashed area. After the restart, boot looping occurred.

GPS works now. Not happy.
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Unfortunately, if you vetted every app that way you'd never find one to download. I look at the ratings and number of people that have rated it. This one had a particularly high rating. My accusation of this app is of course conjecture, but the evidence is damning nonetheless.

I do believe I was the victim of malware.
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If by "city" you mean a CITY, then that is just a limitation of the GPS. While going through the western section of DC with tall buildings, the GPS failed to receive enough of a signal to be fully reliable. Not to mention you have signals bouncing off the buildings (multipath signals) and the roof of the car obstructing the view.

I run a $10,000 mapping grade GPS receiver for work and I have been out in a field and not had enough reception to log a position for a 45 minute block. In that particular week, the satellites simply were not in an alignment to provide enough signal.
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I always have trouble with my GPS as well. It never goes to my location on it's own. Most of the time, when I click the little location button, it says I'm not available. Then if I manually scroll to my actual location, the arrow shows up a few minutes later. Pretty ridiculous, I hardly ever use the GPS now because of this and I used to use it all the time.

I've done the GPS Test and some other things and it finds satellites, but it seems the GPS itself is super slow.
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