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Help GPS on EVO 4G fails outside USA

I recently visited Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and noticed that the GPS in my EVO 4G was not working correctly.

Not only did it take far longer to get a lock, the reported position, speed and altitude were incorrect.

I took some pictures of the various screens in my CoPilot navigation software that shows the problem. My camera has a GPS built-in and the JPEG Comment fields have location information that is accurate to about 50 feet. If you want to see where I actually was when I took the pictures, IrfanView and other picture viewers will link to Google Earth (you'd have to download the picture from Flickr).

Please note that I did have better satellite views (3 above the mid-line) the day before when I didn't have my camera available, and the reported status was worse (500+ mph and an altitude over 1,500 feet when I was barely above sea level).

The GPS chip in the phone provides text strings with latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, etc., so I can't blame the navigation software.

A small photo album on Flickr shows some of what I saw. EVO 4G GPS Errors - a set on Flickr

Has anyone noticed (or explained) this behavior?

Thanks in advance,



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