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Help group sms with iphone users not working properly

Im not sure if I am putting this in the correct section but I had to put it somewhere :p

All and when I mean all I mean ALL of my friends have iPhones and we regularly engage in group chatting over sms or iMessage whatever. I had an iPhone prior to recently purchasing my LG G2 and I love the device in every way possible except the one problem of me talking to all my friends who have iPhones. I dont want to feel like the short kid on the basketball team who doesnt get passed the ball. lmao

So when I first got my phone I was geting the texts late, or like 6 at once...things like that were happening. Annoying but i could live with it, I was using GO SMS as my messaging app at the time.

I wanted to try to use Handcent just to see the difference and if i would like one more than the other and somewhere along this process of installing hancent and all the plugins to make the group chat work it got messed up. I ended up uninstalling hancent but the damage was already done. I could still receive the group chats but whenever I try to reply the texts go to everyone individually now instead of into the group chat like they are supposed to. I have tried so many different things and this is my last resort before I go back to the verizon store to have a professional look at it.

I desperately need help here, I am not sure what to do at this point. I googled the problem and downloaded verizon messenger because someone said that worked and it did not. I was going to delete GO SMS but some of the solutions online recommended installing GO SMS as a solution. What do I do and why would it work when I first get the phone and now not work even though I reset GO SMS to the default settings.
It's not the phone. It's not the app. It's the difference in the way iMessage and SMS work. Sometimes you hit just the right sweet spot (about as often as I win Powerball), but usually it works about as well as sending MMS from one carrier to another worked at first (once in a while one would get through). I don't know of any guaranteed method or set of settings that would make them play nicely together every time for everyone. Maybe someone else here does.
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