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Help Group Texts with GalNex

So I just got my first smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus, this past Friday, and I love it. However, there is one thing that I was wondering about. My girlfriend had asked me how my phone handled group text messages. On her phone (an iphone 4), if someone sends out a group text, all responses to that text that are also sent to the group are merged into a conversation so that everyone in the group can see the responses. While you can see everyone's responses with the messaging service on the galnex, it doesn't merge it into a single thread. For example, my dad sent my sister, my girlfriend and me a group text, and each response to that text showed up in my inbox independently (i.e., not as part of the thread that was created for the texts I received from my dad). Is there a way that this can be changed, or do I need to get a different messaging app if I want group conversations to merge into a single thread?


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