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(GSM) Question around Software Updates

Peter Loew

Apr 24, 2012
Hey all,

I've had the Galaxy Nexus (Offline, GSM version currently using it on Three, UK) since December last year. My device is updated by Google. It isn't rooted or anything as such.

My question is why am I still running 4.0.2? I've tried deleting the Google Framework cache and restarting the phone numerous times but no change.

In any case, can anyone tell me why the above steps would even be necessary? If I have a device that is updated by Google that I bought offline / outright then why isn't it being updated when these updates are released?

Can anyone shed any light on this?


I had the same problem on my GSM Gnex, so I just flashed the google stock 4.0.4 ROM.

You'll need to know what kind of phone you have, there are several different versions - yours is probably a yakju but its better to check. You can do this by downloading an app from the play store called "GN Official Update Checker" its simple to use.

This thread on XDA: [REF] [HOW-TO] [GSM & CDMA] Official Google OTA update URLs

Gives you the download links for each stock image from 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 including the newest 4.0.4 for GSM devices only. And it has a good tutorial if you have no idea what you're doing.

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- I was under the impression that 4.0.4 has already been released by Google; from what I've read on this forum some people are getting it OTA?

- Yes, I am running the yakju build but I'm still on 4.0.2. This is what I mean, malcster if you're running the same as me but you got the OTA and I didn't, then what gives?
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I read some where that it can take upto 6-8 weeks for ota to be rolled out fully

Imei dependant not network specific

Tbh not really noticed anything wow factor in 4.0.4 over .2 it was only in last weeks imm76i update that my signal issue got resolved

Speaker still too quiet for my liking

If you need get 4.0.4 the follow the guide already posted

Sorry I can't help
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Thanks for all the replies.

My summation is that:

- 4.0.4 has been released an an image which can be manually applied to phones within certain constrains (e.g. rooted and updated by google)

- 4.0.4 has also been rolled out OTA, and the reason some people have it and some don't is down to the fact that Google's rollout schedule can take affect on your particular phone (for reasons unknown) at any time a good few weeks after the rollout has started

- It is possible Google has suspended rollout of 4.0.4 due to bugs and level of stability that its latest patch addresses

Is this a fair summary?

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