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Help (GSM) Questions..


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Dec 11, 2011
Hello all

I'm with Bell Mobility (Canada) and im wondering if anyone can explain the differenve between hspa+ and 4g or 3g

Whats best to be using when not on wifi?

Also does anyone know how well the knockoff batterys work with the nexus, i seen 3 + external desk charger on ebay for around 13$ but im very hesitant to the quality of them

Anyone tried or have a better suggestion, dont really need extended but an extra would be nice
I'm with T-mobile and the HSPA+ speeds are the 4G speeds. This phone gets up to 21 HSPA+. T-mobile Galaxy S2 gets up 42 HSPA+ data speeds. 3g speeds are going to be slower. Your signal indicator should show an H if you're getting HSPA+ speeds, 3g for 3g speeds, E for Edge or 2g speeds. It depends on the towers that are near your location.

If you plan on using the NFC chip (for Google Wallet, etc...) that's inside your phone, you'll want to use a manufacturer original battery. The NFC chip component is located in your battery. If you get a knock off, you lose the capability.
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It will bounce back & forth depending on which signal is stronger. You can't turn off 4g/3g. You can only go into settings / under wireless & networks - hit more, then hit mobile networks, & then you can select to use only 2g networks. HSPA+ is more efficient than LTE, so as Steve said there is no need to turn it off. HSPA+ is what GSM providers consider 4g until they get their LTE networks up in running in the future.
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Bump for another question.

Will the gsm version receive its OTA update at roughly same time as its verizon sibling?

You'll get it when Google releases it. It's usually spread out over a month. Everyone won't get it at the same time. I still haven't gotten 4.0.2. I received an update the other day, but still remain on 4.0.1. I would assume that Verizon would work with Google on releasing their updates. They'll have a little control over the release.
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