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Root [GUIDE] Updating your handset to JellyBean 4.1.2


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Jun 13, 2011
Through my own trial and error and the help of some very friendly developers, I have seen that with the new update there are several methods to get it and different methods works for different people. I figured I would make a thread with all the different methods in one place for members to try out and hopefully one of the methods will work for you. Most of this is copied and pasted so I take no credit as that belongs to the original posters. I have Omitted the links available so that you users may visit the original authors posts and thank and like their posts accordingly.

Disclaimer: Only YOU are responsible for what happens to your phone while doing anything, including flashing any ROM

Method #1
This seems to work for a lot of people

Update Instructions

When you get the ota update allow it to download the update but do not allow it to flash the update. Use a root explorer and COPY the update zip from /cache and place it on your sdcard
Reboot recovery
WIPE DATA "if you do not wipe data your phone will be stuck at the boot animation"
Install the zip from your sdcard "takes about 3-6 Mins"
go to the main menu of cwm and hit reboot
CWM will tell you that a new recovery will be flash would you like to disable it select yes
your phone will reboot and be up and running with 2-3 minutes.

download this Root.zip reboot to cwm and flash it. After that, go back to the main menu of cwm and hit reboot. BEFORE you reboot cwm will ask you if you want to fix root (/system/bin/su) go down to yes, your phone will now reboot and you should be rooted on 4.1 Attached Thumbnails

Method #2
This is Stock B11 JB 4.1.2. The apps have been deodexed, but not framework...for now. Some apps have been removed for bloat reasons, others because they are large and can be installed from the play store.

This is not working for everyone yet so please be patient. All help in testing is greatly appreciated.

Flash this in CWM as follows:
1. Download warp2_unsigned_b11.zip
2. Put it on your sdcard if its not already
3. Reboot to CWM Recovery
4. MAKE A BACKUP!!!!!!!!!!
5. Factory Reset/Wipe Data
6. Install ROM from sdcard

Thanks and Credits:
junkie2100 - Well you know, for all kinds of everything
Mgiddeon - For sending the system and boot.img
blargh420 - For sending the new partitions

Removed apps: Books.apk BoostZone.apk Magazines.apk Music2.apk PlusOne.apk SpanishPack.apk SprintID.apk SprintInstaller.apk Swype.apk TouchPal.apk Videos.apk Wiper.apk YouTube.apk
Side note for this method:
as far as i can tell, there is a way to get the update on almost all phones

1. Get the OTA update
2. Some can do the copy to cache and sd card method and it works
3. Others must first flash the jb partition updater then do the second method
4. Others flash the rom linked in the op from cwm
5. Others flash the jb partition updater then version 2c of this rom.

It also seems like only one of the options works for each phone. Very strange but that is my analysis so far lol

Method #3 This is what worked for me.
1) I downloaded the rom from HERE (credit to xxpako) and the partition zip from HERE (credit to SuperR)
2) I rebooted into CWM recovery and did a Factory Reset/Wipe Data
3) I flashed the rom
4) I flashed the partition zip
5) Rebooted and enjoyed JB goodness :D

Well that is it. I hope this guide is helpful and as always I thank the tireless work of the devs here. Were it not for them out phones would suck xD. I hope this post isnt in poor taste or done improperly. I just wanted to do my share and help members out. If i have no given you credit for something or if my posts offends you in any way please just let me know. Thanks guys and Happy Flashing :D


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