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had to exchange


Aug 6, 2010
I had to take my first HD back as the plastic sim/memory car cover bent in my fingers and wouldnt go back on properly affecting the signal. Now i would just like to know which out of the 2 serial numbers is newer:

Also has the firmware update been pulled as it downloaded fine with first phone and now with new one says no update available??
HTC tend to roll OTA updates to different sets of serial numbers at a time. New serial number might not have it yet.

These battery/sim covers bother me. Maybe a week ago I was intent on a DHD, now I'm not so sure. Given the poor battery life I had intended to get an extra battery or two and a cradle that would charge them separately. If the covers are that flimsy/fiddly then it doesn't seem like such a good idea.
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To be fair i didnt remove it the way HTC recommend hence why it bent. I havent found a problem with the fitting on either of them apart from when it was damaged.

The battery is lasting longer than my standard Desire did so happy with that.

Just checked the update again and it was there, so all updated.

Would still like to know which out of the 2 serial numbers is the newest. Thanks everbody so far.
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