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Handcent duplicate groups with 2.1 OTA

For the most part, happy with the OTA update. Fixed a few problems and seems to work well.

but the first issue I've run into is that in Handcent, when I go to send to a group, it shows all groups in duplicate.

If I go into people, the group is not duplicated, but for some reason, Handcent is showing all groups twice. Once is empty, and the other has all the proper contacts. I just have to guess which one to pick and see if it populates the #'s.

Any ideas on this?

I'm having the same problem. I've deleted the groups in Gmail contacts, leaving them ONLY in active sync. My gmail contact folder is empty, all i have is active sync. Still duplicating groups.

It also asks me to choose which phone number i want to use for each person in the group, even if they only have one number. THEN won't let me choose their number is some cases, which means they don't get the message. Frustrating for group SMS.
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