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Handcent Messing Stuff Up.


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Nov 9, 2009
The Left Coast
Anyone having problems with handcent deleting all messages and or showing the wrong people for messages sent and received.

I'm using a 2.1 ERE25 build.

I swear everytime the fix something minor they break something major. I haven't had. Any problems till now but this is the second time in 24hrs I have to restore my text messages.
I haven't had Handcent mess up once since it's update several weeks ago ... maybe over a month now.

Me thinks you're having ROM issues. Naw ... couldn't be!

I figured it was something like that. Oh well, the new ROMs are way to good for me to bother over that. I'll live. If I find another problem I'll go buy an iPhone, till then I'll stick with Bugless Beast.
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If I find another problem I'll go buy an iPhone

This was a joke right? I really don't want to hijacking the thread but ditching the Droid for an iPhone because a 3rd party app is giving you problems or a Rom is giving you problems is ridiculous. That's like me buying a car and then selling it for a different brand because the aftermarket radio I installed isn't working correctly..
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This was a joke right?

Of course, I fracking hate the iPhone. I'd use a RAZR over the iPhone. It would be on a different carrier though, because VZW dumbphone OS sucks donkey.

Also. I uninstalled, then reinstalled because the stock messaging sucks. Updated to BB v0.5, then v0.6 (ESE53) and I haven't had any problems so far since.
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