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Help happens alot: phone loses internet connection while 3g connection has no problems

How you doin, guys?
My Desire 816 used to lose internet connection suddenly while browsing web or using apps although everything seems right:
Network signal is strong. The "h" symbol exists normally in the status bar. But with incoming arrow deactivated.

This problem disappears when I restart the device.
Solutions like : disabling mobile data then enabling it Or switching to airplane mode then disabling it donot work.

When I switch network to gsm only mode, the internet come back . But with 2g slow connection. When I switch to gsm/cdma or cdma only I lose internet again .

I hope that you can help!
Thanks in advance
I am on virgin mobile (sprint). this is the first phone I've had that has been REALLY flakey with signal levels. I am relatively far from my nearest tower, but I have always had 3-4 bars with past phones. with this phone, i nearly always have 1 bar under 4g Lte, yet I get 6-30 Mbps on speed tests (with 1 bar). if I drop to 3g while in a bad service area, I am always showing 4-5 bars. fwiw I have never dropped a connection.

if you are showing more than 1 bar and still dropping connection, I would suspect either a problem with your tower, internal radio problem with the phone, or a data plan configuration error (in phone or at provider).
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