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Aug 17, 2010
Cotswolds, England
Officially released worldwide by Samsung on the 25th August 2022 the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 are now one year old.

Although I now have the Fold5, I have kept my Fold4 as it is in perfect condition and no issues with either the inner or outer screens. Battery life is excellent and I look forward to receiving a lot of the new features that Android 14 will bring.

I have to say, that in the last year, my Fold4 has served me well and has proved very reliable.

so the question is, is the hinge that much better on the fold 5 as advertised? does it affect the feel of the device? like when it is in your pocket?

i love my fold 4. i am almost certain that i am glad i did not upgrade. and i am very anxious to see when the tri-folds will arrive, if at all.
Tough one mate!

Is the hinge better... Yes, I believe it is but only time will tell.

Does it feel any different in your pocket... No.

Is it worth paying £1,700 to update from Fold4 to Fold5... Probably not.

I think that the Fold6, Google Pixel Fold2 and OnePlus Open2 will be the ones to watch next year. ;)
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