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  1. TheManWithTheGoldenGun

    Samsung S9+ MDM Mode + the client doesnt remember screen lock password

    Hi, I work in a technical assistance department and I'm still specializing in software, a week ago an S9+ sm-g9650 android 10 binary came in, the customer brought the cell phone here because she ended up forgetting the screen password, when I went to format the cell phone through recovery mode...
  2. M

    Help me understand these logos

    Hi guys can you pleaseee tell me from what kind of apps these 3 notifications are please only if you are sure about it. Thanks
  3. B

    Accessing learned words in Samsung Galaxy keyboard

    Hi! I'm currently sharing a phone with someone who's being pretty shifty and I just need some help. I was typing an email address in the search bar of a browser on the Samsung Galaxy a12 we share when a whole bunch of suggestions popped up. They were all usernames ( @username ) in the...
  4. S

    Slim firmware that works with Samsung A40 - filesize <4Gb

    Hello I have an Samsung A40 that, after my daughter dropped it in water, seem to have a faulty OS. It boots and then gets stuck on the brand screen. I can get it to the root meny, so technically I could fix it with a SDcard I have. Found a firmware that should work. The problem is that the...
  5. The_Chief

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Update

    I don't think I've ever seen a beta test go to a 6th beta, but here we are with the S23 Ultra One UI 6/Android 14 beta test and it's buttery smooth. Bugs seem to have been resolved and I'm confident that a final, stable release is just a couple of weeks away. A few nice touches with the UX, and...
  6. ironass

    Samsung Fold5- One UI 6.0 Beta

    Samsung have started rolling out the One UI 6.0 Beta test firmware in the U.S.A. to unlocked Fold5, F946UI, devices that have signed up. Build = F946UIUEU1ZWJ2 Download = 2739.42 MB Security patch = 01 October 2023 N.B. Because beta test releases are not certified, you will find that things...
  7. A

    Help Samsung A54 won't receive calls when wifi is on

    My A54 is four months old. Starting yesterday I couldn't receive phone calls, but text messages and outgoing calls were fine. Just now I found that when wifi is turned on, that's when it won't receive calls. What to do?
  8. Rob

    Samsung drops Galaxy S23 FE, Tab 29 FE, and Galaxy Buds FE

    Samsung must have an eye on the Tech Release Calendar: they've just dropped a trio of "Fan Edition" devices the day before Google is set to officially unveil the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Galaxy S23 FE: Features a new floating camera and an IP68 water and dust resistance rating...
  9. Victor Connor

    Help How do I fix a soft bricked Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9200?

    I just brought this phone very cheap and when I turn it on, its stuck at the Samsung logo. Then I boot it to recovery mode via Vol up + power button and "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" and then I choose the menu option "Yes -- delete all user data" and "reboot system now". But its still stuck at the...
  10. N

    Help needed

    Can anyone help with what these love heart icon/notifications are on a Samsung galaxy phone please before I possibly end a relationship and make myself look a fool ha ha
  11. ironass

    Samsung Fold5-SEPTEMBER update

    Samsung's 2nd update has started to roll out for the Fold5 international devices, F946B. bringing with it the September Security patch. Build number = F946BXXU1AWI3 (European F946B) Build number = F946BXXS1AWI4 (non European F946B) Build date = 06 September 2023 Android Security patch = 01...
  12. RASelkirk

    Help Migrating to new A54, q's!

    Hi All, I had a LG G6 for the past couple years, fit all my needs until LG quit the phone business and started dropping features. So now I have a new A54 5G that I'm setting up and personalizing. I'm set for "home screen only" and have several pages of apps. When the LG got to the last page...
  13. ironass

    Samsung Fold4-SEPTEMBER update

    Samsung's 13th Android 13 update has started to roll out for the Fold4 international devices, F936B. bringing with it the September Security patch. Android 13, One UI 5.1.1 Build number = F936BXXS4DWI1 Build date = 19 September 2023 Android Security patch = 01 October 2023 Download size =...
  14. R

    Tools Flashing For Samsung mobile phones

    Who knows if someone here is looking for an application that can be used for flashing Samsung mobile phones. This tool can be used as an alternative to ODIN. For friends here who need it, please download it through the link below. Thank you!! Nice to meet you. Samsung Premium Flash Tool
  15. B

    Casting from S21

    Last update was about 36 hours ago and casting has suddenly stopped working. Tried all the obvious fixes. Have a Sony Android TV. Anyone else experience this?
  16. L

    Google activity Log

    What does Used com.samsung.android.mesenging mean? Is it using an app to message only or is it text messages and voicemails too? It is a samsung android phone on the google activity log.
  17. T

    Help Samsung gakaxy A146u 5g frp

    Can anyone assist me with my galaxy a146u 5g ? It is frp locked, which I'm not new to, I am a self taught, no school, no training self proclaimed tech for smart phones. I've manged being able to access most of the phone, except apps, accounts, lock screen, etc. But can't figure out how to...
  18. TThompson

    Samsung J2 Pro app update boot-loop, need contacts

    So, trying to help out a mate whose phone started to optimise apps and hit "63 of 63" before rebooting. It complains about a missing file/directory, though the friend says nothing was done by him other than turning it on. I charged it overnight and then tried the old "wipe cache" from the...
  19. S

    Samsung Messages app - exploit/security risk?

    Does anyone else using the Samsung Messages app get these texts? What would be the exploit they are trying to take advantage of? From international numbers No notification of new message, but shows up in your list of conversations with (No subject) and a date When you click into the...
  20. S

    Advice for rooting a Samsung A32

    I need to run some applications that require having my phone rooted, how can I root safely to be able to run them without making any mess ?
  21. ironass

    Samsung Happy 1st Birthday Fold4 & Flip4

    Officially released worldwide by Samsung on the 25th August 2022 the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 are now one year old. Although I now have the Fold5, I have kept my Fold4 as it is in perfect condition and no issues with either the inner or outer screens. Battery life is excellent and I look...
  22. M

    PUK code at start up

    Hi Everyone, My wife has been playing with the settings on her Samsung A22 (wish she would stop doing that) and now every time she powers it off and then switches it back on, it asks for the PUK code. How do I change it back to a simple pin code? Many thanks.
  23. S

    android 4.4.2 upgrade

    android 4.4.2 software upgrade to 5 any help i have samsung s 4 mini android 4.4.2 want upgrade to 5 how to do that please
  24. startac4

    How To Make Samsung Use Audio not Video Voicemail

    Every time I get a voicemail Samsung notification makes it available directly only as video voicemail. I don't want to download that Samsung app with whatever terms/conditions it has.. To listen to it as audio I have to go to the Contacts, search for Samsung voicemail phone number, and then call...
  25. S

    How can I backup email messages on a Samsung S22 ?

    I use Samsung email on my Galaxy S22. How can I backup ALL of my email .... settings AND ALL emails from all folders ? Samsung backup does not appear to do this.