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Oct 27, 2015
Hi All,

I had a LG G6 for the past couple years, fit all my needs until LG quit the phone business and started dropping features. So now I have a new A54 5G that I'm setting up and personalizing.
  • I'm set for "home screen only" and have several pages of apps. When the LG got to the last page, it would roll back around to page one. This phone makes me scroll backwards thru all the pages instead. Can this be made to act like the LG?
  • I have my screen timeout maxxed at 10 mins, as was the LG but the LG would black out after 15 secs of inactivity and not require a PW unless the 10 minutes had expired. The A54 stays "lit up" the entire 10 mins. Is there a setting for blank screen time?
  • T-Mobile clerk who did the setup hot-swapped my memory card w/o shutting anything down, and I got several popups that the (external 64g) memory card could not be written to. I've been through all the menus and don't see a way to test it for function. Is there one?
  • Is there a list of factory SPAMMO apps that can be safely uninstalled, or at least be disabled and moved into a junk folder?
  • The "widgets" seem way lamer than those for the LG. Is there something else that needs installing?
I'll prolly be back with more as I get into setting up apps, PWs, and layout...


so i hate OneUI which is the skin or launcher that Samsung employs on all of their phones. never been a fan of it. not sure what LG calls their launcher as most manufacturers like to add the android experience by making their android os different from other phones.

i am with @Dannydet . i love the Nova Launcher. i have been using it since my HTC EVO 3G days. Nova is free, but if you buy the Prime key, it will unlock so much more customizations.

check them out:
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Tried it last night but it doesn't seem to allow wrapping around to the homepage. While swiping thru the pages, still gotta put 'er in reverse and back out when I get to the last page. :whistle: Unless that's part of the premo pkg? I looked at the LG's home screen app, there's no "about" page so it's prolly buily into their OS...

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Ahh, so it scrolls vertically and I'm used to horizontal scrolling. I'll keep poking around, maybe I'll find the magic switch yet. Or just try and get used to it...

I use the free version of Nova and if you are talking about your home screen of apps, in Nova settings, go to Home Screen --> Look for Scroll and select the box for Infinite Scroll. That scrolls horizontilly through your apps without stopping on the last page.
It does on my S21 5G.
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Whoo-hoo, got it all going sideways now, thanks! :love: Got my SD card figured, just needed to be removed from the sleeve and reinstalled. Down to a couple minor aggravations now. Somehow I managed to put all my screen fonts in shadowbox mode, heavy border and hollow inner. I have been all over Nova and factory settings, don't remember what I did and cannot seem to undo it.

Can the screen blank out before it times out looking for a PW?

Is there a way to get a drop-down menu for sound functions?



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Well, almost there. Turns out my SD card was indeed corrupted, had to run chkdsk /r overnight, saved almost all files to my 'puter desktop, reformatted card and dragged files back onto card. Now "Gallery" doesn't see them, how to I get that to work? According to ES File Explorer, they are all there and activate OK when clicked...

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Pandora Q:

I've had Pandora for a while, my first phone (Note 4) I could start, run, and stop it normally. Second phone (LG G6) was like that at first, then whenever I stopped Pandora, it appeared to be gone, but then I'd get a battery hog notification and I'd have to scroll through the apps panel, find Pandora, and forcibly shut it down. New phone (A54), I just cannot shut it down without a reboot. There's no forcing a shutdown that I can find and a down-swipe on the notification bar shows it's still there. Not sure if it's hogging resources but I hate seeing it all the time. Ideas?


EDIT: Correction, a reboot does not shut it down either. It's now acting like an integrated part of the OS...
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