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The Cast TV app works for videos that I shot and are in my galleries. I can't cast anything fron the internet. Youtube shows the cast icon but doesn't recognize my TV. My device is paired and wifi is connected. It's as if the ,Verizon update disabled something but nothing seems to present itself.
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this is why i will never buy an android tv. i'm looking to buy a 65" sony oled tv soon. i have my site set on the sony xr 80 series. it has google tv, but not chromecast. i plan on hooking my chromecast to it.

if you have an available hdmi port, maybe look into getting an actual chromecast device. it is super easy to hook up and works great with all of my devices. it even comes with a remote now.
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Conceptually when you're casting your S21 to your Sony TV it's not a direct connection between your two devices. Your phone and your TV are both connected to your router and it's within your home local network that all the interactions take place. So if casting has stopped working recently and if both devices are connected to your home network without any issues, than yeah perhaps some update is the source of a problem. But there's no definitive proof of that. Instead of blaming the update, you need to determine it's not just some other issue that's the actual source of this problem.
-- Your S21 is presumably connected to your home network using WiFi, yes?
-- Do you have your Sony TV connected to your home network via WiFi or an Ethernet cable?
-- Is your phone having any problems with other online connectivity issues or is it just the casting problem?
-- Same question with your TV?
-- Log into your router's setup menu and confirm both your phone and your TV are connected.
-- If your TV is using an Ethernet cable, are you sure it is still plugged into both ends,and that check that it hasn't been damaged.
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Both the S21 and TV are connected to my wifi. No other connectivity issues. Updated my TV last night. Reset, unplugged the TV, router and restarted phone. I can cast pics/vids saved on my S21 through the Cast TV app. When I try to cast youtube with the icon on the video screen, it would show my TV to choose the device to cast to. Now it's as if it can't see it. The TV shows that the phone is paired. I don't think the S21 system update is just a coincidence .I'm open to ideas.
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Ahh, so it's not casting has stopped working it's just that Youtube casting has stopped working. That's a notable point.
OK so back to your S21, if it is just the Youtube app than focus on the app itself. All those other issues don't appear to be relevant in this particular matter. Try doing a Force stop of the Youtube app and then clear the app's cache. If that doesn't fix the problem, try Clear data (that wipes the app's configuration and settings data so any alterations you might have to made to the Youtube app's Settings need to be redone. It essentially returns the app back to its default, first-time used state. It doesn't remove saved Youtube video content from your phone, those are a part of your online Google account..)
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It's all casting from any web site or app. It's acting as if my phone can not find the TV. The cast icon has disappeared from video sites. I'm trying yourube because the icon shows up on screen. I'm not sure if Google has done something to not allow casting to TVs from other devices, since streaming us pay. My Google home searches and can't find the TV. I was able to cast everything as long as the video format wasn't ancient.
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