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Happy New Year 2022

Indeed. We all need a good year ahead, and may we all be a little more of every good thing about us, and a little less of everything bad.


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At this point, I'm thinking... well, 2022 *HAS* to be better than the last two years!!!

...and then I hear about the soaring rates of COVID-related hospitalizations, deaths, and infection and don't quite know what to say instead. *shrug*

Regardless, happy new year to my AF family! Stay safe everyone. I want to see all of you here in 2022. :D
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At 8:06 this morning, I knew for sure that it was a new year--that's when the B2 bomber flew over my house! :eek:

This time, I saw it on TV first [at the starting point of the parade], then heard it rattle my house, so they flew west to east this year. I'm guessing they'll wait at Edwards AFB until time to fly over the Rose Bowl game. Such an awesome sight/sound. :)
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I have done something odd last evening, finished a box set of the t.v. episodes of Bob's Burgers in a sitting, I never ever do that, I was with my buddy sure, but still, I put in a disc and ejected it, and let it rest on forever, but for an odd reason when watching my family puppy, I sat there drunk my hot chocolate and was really tired after getting home around one in the morning. I slept until around eleven a.m.
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