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Root Hardware mods anyone?

Nothing aside from experimenting and documenting what batteries work with the connect. Thus far I have determined/informed of the following OEM Batteries...

BL-44JN (LG Connect 4G/LG Viper stock, 1500mah)
--Confirmed working/Unoffical--
BL-44JS (LG Lucid, 1650mah min, 1700mah typical)
BL-44JH (LG Motion 4G, 1650mah min, 1700mah typical)
BL-44LN (???, ???mah) #probably does not fit/work
BL-A5JN (LG Lucid?, 3000mah min, 3040mah typical) #should work

Also I maybe in the market for a back cover from a LG Connect or Viper. I need one that I can cut up and physically modify if my soon to be gamble on a BL-A5JN is correct...
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