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Hardware Version 0004

I have a 3 week old white evo ver 003 too. it also has a little light leakage at bottom. Can only be seen when pitch black.

everything works great... Rooted and flashing any ROM perfectly. Do I want to risk getting a new one... that has slight issues with different ROMs or mods as some do???
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Just got my EVO this past Sat. It's a white 0003. There is definitely light leakage under the home and search buttons, and as was mentioned before pressing on the screen makes it go away for a few minutes. Not really digging the white like I thought I would, so I'll be exchanging this for a black one. Here's hoping for an 0004 with no issues....

Exchanged the white 0003 for a black 0004. No noticeable leakage, so it looks like problem solved for me.:)
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I am thinking of moving to the Evo from BB. When the Evo came out in June there were post of problems with loose HDMI ports, screen problems with light leaks, and the battery was a mess. So has anyone noticed that the units coming out in say Dec and Jan are better than the originals that came out in June.

Nah its probably still the luck of the draw. I got mine in august and the only thing wrong with mine is dust under the screen.
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I got an 004 last week. No light leakage, but I am noticing the screen is starting to rise above the plastic surround in bottom left corner. Screen Separation? Doesn't cause light leakage, should I be concerned? I've got 20 something days left to watch if it gets worse. I checked for the ripple effect, nothing even when I press HARD. I love this phone btw, much better than the Hero.
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To answer the earlier question about multi-touch, on ANY version, download Dotty, in the android market, by Gerry Steele, it's free, and will let you know real quick if you have 3 or 5 point multitouch. It's a very basic app, that's been around for a few years, but easily answers the multitouch question. All you have to do is touch multiple fingers on the screen and it highlights the coordinates. If you can light up 5 at a time, congrats!!! You have 5 point hardware.
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What if my Evo only lights up 2 coordinates?

Then yours performs the same as mine and most others :p

Taken from Netarchy's Toastmod Kernel thread on xda

[GPL][Kernel]netarchy-toastmod, Stable: Beta: 4.2.1 - xda-developers

Research has shown that the Evo's contain at least 2 different versions of the touch sensor, one of which does not support 5point multitouch (but it DOES support 3point). You can check which sensor you have using adb by issuing the following command: "adb shell cat /sys/android_touch/vendor" and examining the result. If your result is ATMEL_x0080_x0016, your phone can support 5point. If your result is ATMEL_x004F_x0016, your phone will only support up to 3point.

did this on mine and it gave me the first result and also got a multitouch tester and all five fingers on the ol righty were recognized... only with custom kernels though, the htc kernels limit multitouch to 2-points no matter what screen you have...
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I got my first one on 7/4/2010 it was a 0003 it had a little bit of leakage but otherwise was great. had a problem with the speakers crackling so just got a 0004 on 3/3/2011 and didnt notice a lot of difference. I did notice that the power button dosent work as well with my otterbox defender case, the display looks the same. both only overclocked to 1.19 stable but my new camera is really blurry. Video and still, anyone else notice this? Other than that same ol' EVO. (with clear Audio) the 0004 was way easier to root tho

EDIT i just noticed the charge LED is ALOT Bigger. holy crap its like twice the size. anyone confirm?
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Has something to do with camera

I have both version and there is a difference in the cameras...
The 0004 focuses faster and has blacker blacks with a more
natural color to it....

the 0003 is like an older vehicle...they dont make them like
they used! (meaning that my 0003 has an ENG .76 hboot
and the 0004 has 2.10)

rarity vs. faster performance is basically what it boils down to!
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