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Has anyone used the RUU to Move from .3 to .6 ?

I don't really understand what the major problem is with .3 that people would rather completely wipe their phones rather than wait a few days for HTC to fix it.

1 hour putting phone back the way it was vs days. and ota patches will never be as clean as a ruu

but i was also having a problem with .3 with the phone taking up to 5 seconds to rotate after entering an app

so to me a clean wipe to .6 was worth it. cause now the rotation is instant
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i emailed HTC today and was emailed back stating the fix OTA is being tested now and they dont have an exact time frame for its release as of yet..I downloaded the RUU and am waiting for the OTA for the time being ill give it some time as i have no issues with .3 and only care about .6 so ill recieve future updates.

so your answer is "no", am i wrong? lots of words there... just don't want to misrepresent the idea or anything. but your answer then was "no" right?
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