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Have a Good Day


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May 9, 2017
I've been seeing ads for The Good Day Lab and decided to check out their website. I found a couple of listings for them. The first warned that the connection wasn't safe and I got outta there. The second was green at first but then that red triangle appeared. The same thing happened not long ago when I was going to order something from a different site. It started out green but then went red when I got to the paynent part. I backed out and tried again, with the same result. Of course I ended up.not buying. Why is this happening? Is it the phone's fault? Has it been hacked? I'm generally pretty careful about this stuff. I don't do porn or use those "cleaners", and I have No Root Firewall, although I had to cut off the vpn because it messed with my access. I have at least supposedly private wifi.
Those are notifications which show up on sites that do not have https security in place.
You can still go there it's just that your browser info will be compromised.
Clear cache and data if you wish.
I use a VPN and ad blocker that keeps me protected
It's not always the sites fault. It depends if the browser can verify the security certificate or not. So some times it's a faulty communication from the server or a bad connection to the phone. If the site in question is the one I linked, it was fine on my phone.

So it depends.
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