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Having a problem with GMAIL and other weird behaviour

Gmail wont send or recieve new mail.. it just sits there sending forever. I have also noticed the data activity and synch going even when I am not doing anything. and I have run ATK to kill any apps that might be using data.

Something is not right.. Also per my previous issues with the SDCARD messing up.. I formated it, but in the gallery it is acting wierd.. it shows the photos, then they go away, then come back.. and sometimes you can not click on them to go into a group.. like camera. If you run ATK and kill the gallery then try again.. sometimes that makes it work. I bought a new 8Gig Class 4 card, tested it first, and tried it in the phone, but I get the same behaviour. It's almost like the "file allocation table" has been corupted, and the phone is having trouble "seeing" whats in the folder. I formated the card, let android re-create all the folders, took a picture, let android create the camera folder, then put all my pictures back in that created folder... still not working right.

At this point I am thinking of just wiping the phone, OS and all. I still have the update.zip file from the 2.1 OTA leak, If I just redo that procedure will it overwrite the OS? and allow me to start from scratch?

Sorry for the long post.. but a lot it going on, and it is getting frustrating.


I have issues sending emails through Gmail all the time and ATK isn't the issue because I don't use it or any other task killer and I am unrooted so I don't think that would be an issue either.
Whenever I try to send a picture or a video it will usually hang in there for about an hour then MAYBE get sent out. Otherwise it will sit in there until I reboot the phone and a couple minutes after finishing the boot they'll go out. It's rather annoying that I can't simply share video and pictures through email without it becoming a hassle.

Edit: I also reinstalled the 2.1 update and that led to no avail either so I wouldn't bother if you haven't already.
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Ok, first off, DO NOT USE ATK regardless. You do not need it.

Follow this procedure to clear up the gmail issue:

Go to menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications.

Then click menu -> Filter -> All.

Scroll down until you see the Gmail and Gmail Storage. Click both of these and select clear data.

The phone will then resync with Gmail and all should be well.

^^Credit for this goes to specmac on Droidforums.net
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I have also been having problems. I deleted some pictures that weren't showing up right away and it fixed the problem. Also I know this is a 2.2 feature but for the last 3 weeks my phone has had a lot of app problems and I get a report button to send data of the problem to google. I have 2.1 update 1 so i'm not really sure how my phone has been able to do this for like 3 weeks... A silent behind the scenes update?
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