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Root Having reboot issues...


Android Expert
Oct 12, 2010
I'm having problem where the phone will turn itself off after a while. It doesn't happen when its sitting by itself just when I'm carrying it around.

This all started a few days ago. I was running Shabbymod 0.9 with Royal Android theme. It wasn't the latest but I was being lax. When the phone started turning itself off I was determined to fix the problem.

I'd seen that more themes had come out along with a CWR for the Prevail. So I Odin'ed. EE14, rooted with CWM. After booting I put on Shabbymod 0.9 with the latest Royal Android theme.

Everything seemed fine for a few hours and then the blasted issue started again. After a while I'll pull out my phone and there it was... Turned off!

I know the prevail likes to reboot if it gets too hot but its not that hot over here and I haven't really felt it getting that hot. I use Sense Analog Clock and that reports the temperature as 16-25 tops. Haven't really noticed it get higher than that...

Is there a kernel log or something that would give me an insight into what's causing this rebooting (halting?) issue?

Any help and random ideas greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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