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Help Having trouble deleting ringtones/duplicate ringtones...HELP...


Jan 2, 2013
I have a Samsung Galaxy Note and i am having issues with deleting ringtones/notification tones. Ive went into my files and deleted all ringtones and notification tones but still appear in the sound settings. Ive deleted all tones from my SD card but still in the sound settings. Tried the Astro app but can't locate files that way either... Help please....its just annoying seeing duplicate tones in the sound settings....Having issues with duplicate pics in the Gallery but thats another issue..
Hi ceekayuno, and welcome to AF :)

Are the files you are having trouble with pre-installed? If so they may be in the system area, which you won't be able to remove them without rooting the phone. That doesn't explain why you see duplicates though, unless you have installed copies of them.

Stupid question: have you tried rebooting after removing the files?
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Thank you for the welcome....I actually just got the Note recently but I previously had the Infuse. The ringtones were already saved to my SD card and installed it to the Note and works perfectly fine. I checked my sound settings and saw the duplicates, just really annoying. I deleted all the ringtones/notification tones i could find in my files, rebooted it and they're still there. If it involves rooting the phone, kinda hesitant cause it's out of my comfort zone. Kinda new to this..lol
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Remember on the Note you have the internal 'SDCard' as well as your external SDCard so you'll need to check both locations for the duplicate files.

They should be located in /media/audio/ringtones (under either storage) but could also be in other places.

Any tones that came on the phone will be in system memory so will not be effected by deleting from internal or external SD.

Once you've finished cleaning up you might need to re-evoke the Media Scanner. You can do this by going to Settings > Applications or Application Manager > 'All' tab > Media Storage > Clear data
After this reboot your phone. It might be a bit sluggish at first as the Media Scanner scans your storage for media.
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Stupid question... when I go to Settings > Applications or Application Manager > "All' tab > Media Storage > Clear data
...will it clear all my media...pics..camera..etc..

Thanks Again

No your pics and vids will be safely on your memory. You'll only lose the cache (which is what we want) and maybe some settings, so if you've changed any settings you might have to reset them.
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