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Help Headphone Issue after installing Guitar Hero 5 mobile.


Apr 17, 2012
Hi - I have a really frustrating problem. Everything worked fine until I downloaded Guitar Hero 5 mobile (and started downloading song snippets so I didn't have to play with midi music). After an hour of playing the stock music player started turning on automatically and playing my music while I was playing guitar hero (headphones plugged in).

Now, when I have the headphones in and am doing (whatever) with the phone, the music player was also randomly starting and playing random songs. Further, the sound quality is now really bad (e.g. can hear guitar but voice sounds like its far off and in a tunnel). Last, if i have the headphones plugged in and have no apps running i can hear constant, random thumping and clicking. (in short headphone sound is whacked but speaker sound still works great).

Befor the problem I was rooted and running Stockwells B160 rom - I cleared and formatted my phone and flashed Void 2.2 (based on 137 rom)

Still have the headphone issue. I deleted the stock music player so it doesn't randomly start any more. Play music through winamp - sound quality sucks. Clicks and pops still in headphone when its quiet.

I also tried to redownload guitar hero, but it wont, get an error.

Thoughts? Hardware or software?



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