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huawei ideos x5

  1. N

    Root Phone won't turn on after downgrade

    I upraded my Huawei U8800-51 from Build u8800v100r001usac07b635 (Android 2.2.2) to U8800V100R001C00B526G001 (Android 2.3.5). My wifi didn't work, so I downgraded to Android 2.2.1 (Build U8800_V100R001C17B162CUSTC17D001). The upgraded said it had completed successfully and was going to restart...
  2. R

    Root Help

    I recently installed custom aurora ics 4.1 on my ideos u8800(not pro) but bluetooth and wifi doesn't work plus it continuesouly blacks out wen screen light goes off...don't knw what I did wrong or if its e rom tht is not stable....plz give some advice on how to install a good stable rom
  3. V

    Root rooting for kitkat

    please help me with the rooting of my huawei u8800 pro with kitkat i didn't find any required useful guide for rooting the phone and i am beginner in rooting stuff please give me full detailed guide and provide me the links like downloading software and detailed guide
  4. V

    Root rooting help

    please help me with the rooting of my huawei u8800 pro i didnt find any required useful guide for rooting the phone please give me full detailed guide and provide me the links like downloading software and detailed guide
  5. N

    google Play doesnt play with me

    Hi. Just joined so hoping to have a really good time here with you folks. My fist inquiry - I have a Huawei U8800 and cant download from Google Play. When there it tells me either- 1. You dont have a device connected or... 2. Your download will start shortly...which of course it never does...
  6. S

    U8800 turns off not running out of power

    my U8800 IDEOS X5 turns off randomly even the battery is more than half. Pressing the power button but nothing happened. Anyone has experienced same problem? Can I swap a new battery? Found a mpj 2500mah battery, ok? please any advice, thanks!
  7. C

    Root Wiped data, flashed rom, restored data and phone not turns on, keeps restart

    Phone is huawei u8800. aurorasp was in it. I had a problem. It was restarting before turning on. I tried a lot of things but could not manage to solve. SO i wiped data from cwm and installed aurorasp+ and restored backup. Again it went into restart mode. I made advanced restore and...
  8. C

    Root Huawei u8800 keeps restarting, can not start!

    I have huawei u8800. REcently , i did not install any applications or did not update any applications. My rom is aurora 4.0.4, can not remember exactly, because can not open the settings because it restarts immediately as soon as it is opened. I flashed a lot of roms wiothout wiping data...
  9. C

    Root Keeps restarting.

    I recently did not install or update applications. A few hours ago, i opened phone and when i clicked an app, it gave error "the xx applciaton has stopped". For example twitter whatsapp but not camera but in camera there was no gallery. I restarted a few times and now it can not be opened...
  10. arnandtara

    Root custom recovery help

    I can't get clockwork recovery to install. I am rooted, and on firmware2.2. What do I need to use?
  11. Y

    Help i need help

    My camera didn't work is just showing a black screen
  12. A

    Help JavaScript on Huawei U8800 Pro

    Hi, How come JavaScript that works on Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2) and S II (Android 2.3) won't work on my Huawei U8800 Pro (Android 2.3.5)? I'm not getting anything worth mentioning in about:debug, and my stock Android browser just crashes when trying to visit and install jshybugger (dot)...
  13. O

    Root update custom rom

    i want to insall new rom in my u8800 (not pro verision), in the last time i was try to install i destroyed my phone (bluescreen) so, i sent the phone to the store to fix it. i want to update to rom with android 4 and up, somebody can be good pesrson and teach me step by step how to do it, may be...
  14. S

    Help Squared text in games, no font?

    Any thoughts why some apps don't show text? Letters are squared. fifa 14, jetpack joyride screenshots:
  15. C

    Root I cant update, goes into restart loop!

    I am trying to solve for weeks, tried a lot of roms but still could not manage. My phone is huawei u8800. Kernel buildnumber u8800v100r001c00b138sp04 It is 2.2.2 I click online upgrade in about phone menu but it cant find anything to upgrade. I install cwm and flashing a...
  16. S

    Root os crashed

    my huawei idoes x5 has crashed when i trying to install clockworkmod recovery while replacing the boot.img file im on gingerbread but the froyo sign come android any android os to reinstall or can i install cynogen mod directly or jelly bean or honey comb any os please help me fasttttt:confused:
  17. C

    Help Cant mount sd card and my torch doesnot work

    My lcd screen cracked last year, so i gave phone to local service and they repaired last week. I am trying to install a new rom for days but i cant manage. I tried cm version13 and aurora, but my torch doesnot work. EVen in camera, in flash mode. Should i again open phone and look if there is...
  18. S

    Help Frustrated

    Hello, this is my first post and I hope someone can help. I recently updated my Huawei U8800-51 Consumers Cellular phone from the 2.2 android version to the 2.3 version. After following the instructions I restarted my phone as required and it didn't completely load, so I again did the +, -...
  19. W

    Help Connect to web

    I have an att huawi u8800-51 ver 2.2.2. I need the settings to connect to web for consumer cellular. Name: APN: Proxy: Port: Username: Password: Server: MMSC: MMS Proxy: MMS Port: MCC: MNC: IP Version: Authentication Type: APN type: If you could show me the settings i would...
  20. E

    Help my ideos x5 wont charge please help me

    My mobile ideos x5 I have the one-time operating normally all and charges one day when I put it to charge begin to discharge from 30% goes 11% and at the end goes 0% it went for repairs. i changed everything and got new batteries and the only thing that has changed is the android system use...
  21. M

    Help How to block numbers

    Need to know how to block numbers, either via texting or calling, as they come in?
  22. V

    Root U8800 pro rooting guide required

    can any body help me with the rooting of u8800 PRO since the phone is very much lagging with upgrading the device from2.3.5 to 4.0.3
  23. V

    Help ics upgrade battery problem and phone lagging problem

    I have successfully updated my u8800 pro to ics........ But the problem after update is battery is dying very fast and phone is a lagging for normal use What should I do to resolve this If I want to convert back to 2.3.5... That was my previous android version Where can I get this...
  24. cabreco

    Is the u8800-51 aka IDEOS X5??

    I have a Huawei u8800-51 (that is what the about phone says) Android 2.2.2. I got this from Consumer Cellular. Nowhere in the documentation or the screens does it say IDEOS x5 but the X5 seems to be the only one with the u8800 designation. The reason I ask is I am looking to root my phone so...
  25. V

    Help Huawei u8800 pro ics upgrade help

    Hi i want to install the ics upgrade for huawei as you can see the earlier thread started by me. I already attempted the upgrade and has been succesful to some extent, but i ant to know the files i have downloaded are from huawei web site do we require rrot for it if no then can you...