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Hello all , Making the big switch


Oct 19, 2010
Greetings all

My name is Jeremy and I have been a "Crack"berry Addict for 6 years :)

I had to , sorry . Wanted to introduce myself and say this is a great place you have made here. I am a computer tech who jumped on the google bandwagon when gmail first came out. pretty much since then I have always been a pro-google guy and try to plug anything google related to friends and family , The only thing I didn't jump on was android. I have been through soo much with my blackberry , I was a sidekick users for couple years prior to my blackberry time and I just feel that my secret crush with android needs to come out. I am trying out a G2 right now with tmobile 2.2 android on it .
Thanks to this great place I am starting to get familiar with custom roms and such , being a big dork I have been trying to learn how to make some apps using the great android SDK for computers.

I am not sure how long I have this to try out , it is from a good buddy who works at t-mo and he wasn't happy with it. I believe he is going to offer it for a decent price but either way I am going to be doing the perm. switch ASAP. I have been currently trying to read up more on MAC integration but honestly I have everything through google already. my Macbook syncs to google contacts ( THANK YOU GOOGLE) and bam! I was shocked how easy this switch was for basics like contacts , calendar ..email.

I have been trying to understand custom roms and themes better. I believe 2.2 iis fairly new so I dont see any custom 2.2 roms and I wanted to ask a newbie question. I have to stick with custom 2.2 roms right? I cant downgrade to try a custom older ROM like I see on this forum and some others online. I believe one was " yogurt" ? Anyways , not a big deal I just like to learn and know about them more.

anyone recommend any apps ? Any good places for more advanced-dork level things with droid , tweaks and such ... creating rom packages? themes?

Thanks again for having this place ..well here haha , So far all my information and knowledge droid wise seems to come from here. So I figured was about time I join.


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