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Hello, I am new here

Hi, I am Mika and I am new here.
I discovered this site on facebook earlier today and saw it really
helps people with these kinds of devices.
Is this Motorola Droid the new droid they just announced?
I was told Verizon was getting a new phone next month
or is this the one that came out around thanksgiving.
I am looking for my first android device and i have no idea
which to get.
Droid X?
what network is this with.
I was really curious about the EVO. I saw one at Best buy and it was gorgeous and has a webcam on it like my new IPHONE.
I would love to keep my iphone because it takes gorgeous pictures. I took my default with it and was amazing. But for some reason At & T doesn't seem to like me when I am in the city of New York.
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