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Hello Phandroid Community


Aug 21, 2010
I just wanted to get out of the 0/0 post ticker, and introduce myself! I am moderately computer literate, and have been a phone geek since I got my first phone! Playing college football has been tough on phones, as they tend to disappear in and out of home and visitor locker rooms, and i have thoroughly enjoyed the advice listed here for my Droid Eris, particularly the rooting advice! I have grown in appreciation for the open source OS of google powered phones, and have loved my skynet eris.. which should be replaced today, so i am looking forward to the rooting battle with adb shell, as opposed to breaking it in myself through the SD card! Thank you for the excellant community of droid users, even the non-eris posts have been informative and if nothing else, enjoyable to read! Have a great day and God bless ya!!
Well, i played for North Greenville University,a small town college in south carolina, but my head was up my ass, so now i'm at a technical college trying to cover my tracks and get back onto the field! and an append- i managed to talk my way into upgrading to a droid 2 for free today, it should be at my home by thursday, and i'm really really looking forward to exploiting the droid open-source on such a powerful machine! (plus the physical keyboard shouldn't goof up like my trackball-my leverage :D )
Also, eagerly anticipating the root method for the droid two, but i think i would really like to get on board with my programming-shiek (word?) and maybe start helping with some dev work with the other Good people in these forums, but unfortunatly in that department i'm a n00b, so the people on a task i got involved with (like cracking droid-2 source) would probably get frustrated. At any rate, I really like the forums, people, and the environment this site breeds! God bless you teammembers who read and care!
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