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Help Help a n00b update from 2.1 please.


May 18, 2011
Hi. I have a milestone A854 with 2.1 OS and want to unlock the potential my phone has to offer. I tried the official moto update but had to get my phone replaced because it failed and erased all the carrier data on my phone and rendered it useless. I've rooted and overclocked my phone but can't seem to install the vulnerable recovery sbf with rsdlite. I get a critical error and I've read through every tutorial I can find to no avail. Can someone help a n00b? I'm eager to get more out of my phone. Thank you.
Thanks for the reply. I didn't really think my phone was all that different, but does my milestone have a different update process? What should I use to get upgraded?

Yes, the A854 is like the Droid. Unlike the A853 it doesn't have a locked kernel. So it's a Droid but with the name Milestone.

If with upgrade you mean flashing a new ROM, you should be able to use the ROM's for the Droid. There is a link in my previous link to some of the Droid rom's.
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