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Help a novice out.

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Aug 5, 2010
I plan on getting my Evo tomorrow (I am very very excited). There are a few concerns/questions I have though. I will be completely new to android. I am not very techy, but i learn pretty fast. So when I read some of these threads, a lot of it is irrelevant to me 1. because i don't have the phone yet :p 2. because i don't understand some of the terms being thrown around.

Basically, I am asking if you guys could be my source of information for my phone in one thread. That way I don't get lost in translation with all the other threads. I have a few questions to start with:

1. Whats the deal with the batter and the new firmware? I am assuming my will come pre-loaded with the new firmware, so other than the battery thread, are there any new discoveries on what i should be doing?

2. How do I need to charge my phone? Right out of the box do i charge it all the way and then let it drain down all the way and repeat the process? Or can I just have it on a charger whenever i can as much as I can (if im near one or over night) est.

3. Have any of you felt that the size of this phone really is an issue? Its the only true concern i have.

4. How do you like the phone? :)
hello and welcome. there is a lot of info on this forum and i encourage you to read the sticky threads and skim thru other posts to get your information. what you dont find you can certainly send me an PM and ill be glad to help you out..

to get you started:

1. your new handset will more than likely NOT come with new firmware so you will have to update it. the firmware was only released this week and your handset was probably already sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting on you to pick it up! :D the battery is just fine. there are ways to better manage your battery if you would like to (there are tons of opinions and reviews on battery use here).

2. just plug it up. wait about 3-4 hours to fully charge it and then go have fun. you do not have to run it all the way down.. just charge it when you feel like it. again plenty of info on this here.

3. the size is perfect. everyone has their own opinion on this and you will too. just go into the store and play with it if you are unsure if the size will bother you...

4. the overwhelming majority LOVES the phone.... this is a socal site and more people come here to find answers to problems they may have versus people logging in just to say how great the phone is.. keep this in mind (this is mostly true for the majority of sites on electronics, goods, cars, etc...)

any more info just search. if you cant find it, send me a PM and ill find it for you...

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