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Help Help for a tech simpleton...


May 26, 2011
Hi all

First of all, thank you in advance to anyone that can help with this. I am not very good with the terminology etc (massive tech novice), but I will try and explain as best I can.

I have a Desire HD, and it is running whatever OS it comes standard with. Anyway, my battery is being absolutely annihilated by some process (according to watchtower) called com.htc.messagecs. It is hovering between 80% and 92% CPU usage, everything else is about 1-4%!

It only started happening a few days ago out of the blue, but today for example the battery was 100% charged at 8am, it is now 1pm and I have 4% battery left. I have not used my phone for anything today - not even so much as sending an sms or making a call. I was sitting at my work desk working away when my phone suddenly chimed to let me know I had 15% battery left, then about 45 minutes later I am down to 4%.

Is anyone able to help with this at all? It is doing me head in!

Thanks again


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