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Help Help!! hdmi adapter won't work! !

Hey guys, I'm going bananas here. I'm trying to mirror what's on my note 4 to my samsung tv with an hdmi cable and a mhl 3.0 adapter. This is the THIRD adapter I've bought in attempts to get this to work. This one comes with the 11 pin adapter on the end as well, but it STILL says no signal on the tv.

I've tried it on two tvs with no luck. I'm also plugging the usb charging cable into a power source so it's not that.

Please help me out. This should be working! !
Forgot to mention I'm using the belinda version mhl 3 currently. Most reviews of it says it works great but then there are others who say it don't work. However three different mhl cables not working is too much to be a coincidence. Have also tried searching for apps on play store to support the cables but none of them recognize that it's connected to a tv, only that it's charging.
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Yessir. Not to neglect any type of help but i mentioned both of those in my op. :p

It really bugs me that it wont. An ipad instantly worked with no issues. I always try to advocate android over apple products due to how stifling apple can be, so this is rubbing me the wrong way more than usual.

Also, it's for my folks so they can enjoy Netflix and what not on the tv.
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Did you turn on screen mirroring within the phone? Or is that just used with capable tv's that except the signal? Just throwing out that option.
Smart TVs tend to support DLNA only. DLNA is a mixed bag, fails more often than works on anything but pictures and never supports screen casting.

Screen casting is built-in to the Chromecast app but it's always far better to use a proper casting app for each function - Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and a host of others have it built-in, you just don't see the option until it senses a Chromecast.

Chromecast screen casting -

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I guess.. but i dont like the fact that i have to run away from the problem. Drops android/samsung quality in my eyes.
You're joking right?

I've been doing HDMI out to my TV from Android since 2010, MHL since day 2 (lol almost since day 1, within a month of its first appearance) and Chromecast since the same sort of day 2.

If your mind is made up, read no further and no hard feelings ok. :)

I recommended Chromecast for several reasons.

First, Samsung MHL behavior is pathological. The 11 pin nightmare was to accommodate their dock and their adapters. Secondly, they still advertise MHL support on one of their Tabs even though the kernel was compiled missing the module required to support it.

But enough about Samsung, let's turn to MHL in general.

You're using a phone that's busy wanting to multitask apps and services to provide a single, real-time function. Your picture quality can be quite great regardless - or not, it just depends. Nothing like a phone wanting to go into a high-priority syncing cycle while watching a movie. Or relying on its web functions to get what you want. So, it can be a great experience but you get no guarantees.

Enter screen casting.

Now the signal comes in through your router to your phone, out from your phone to your router, and out from the router to a TV dongle. Picture quality is now controlled by the home network bandwidth.

Enter Chromecast.

It uses a protocol developed by Netflix and the Google YouTube division called DIAL - discovery and launch.

The Chromecast itself runs a tiny Chrome OS with - wifi and a network stack, a highly specialized browser (that you don't actually see), and a media player.

You pull up a service - say Netflix - and turn on the Chromecast option by tapping the icon that appears at the top.

You browse to your movie and press play.

The media stream enters your router and goes straight to the Chromecast.

But the play controls are still on the phone.

Now with the Netflix (or whatever) controls are at the couch in your hands, not across the room at the TV.

The only multitasking Chromecast has to do is listen to the media stream on wifi, pump it out to the TV, and respond to remote control commands.

Simple and effective.

It never runs out of ram, it never gets busy with something else and it never runs out of storage space - the service apps are on the phone, not the Chromecast. Going strong for two years on the same model because there's nothing in hardware to go obsolete.

And for YouTube, it does a very important thing that you can't do on MHL without rooting, using the Xposed installer and the Xposed YouTube module - it plays YouTube full screen.

You may play youtubes on your phone in full screen all day long but plug it in to an MHL adapter and welcome to the terms of service, so you get less.

Chromecast is not for media pirates. The darling codecs of the piracy crowd are not supported and you can't install them.

But otherwise, you don't care.

And you'll rarely screen cast.

The email example you gave, sure. But how did you want your folks to navigate email with the phone plugged in to the TV? Bluetooth mouse? OK, but screen casting is better for that.

And Google - not Samsung - says that your Note 4 is supported for that -


Now you do as you think best but I think that if you want the pain to stop and for your folks to not inherit any of it, you want to give them a Chromecast. :D
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chromecast works fine for me for Netflix and Utube. I notice that that my Chrome has a chromecast symbol so one can probable cast anything you have on ur computer as long as long as ur using the Chrome browser...although I haven't actually used it yet. Oh, and I'm probably older than ur parents!

If your pc (Windows or Mac) is quick enough you can definitely tab cast from your Chrome browser.
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I wasn't joking. I'm not arguing with what you said. However I AM disappointed that the ipad worked instantly without issue on my first try while it's been a constant failure with the note.

It's a note 4 btw. I dunno if that changes things.

It took A LOT of training to just get them to get used to using the ipad connected by wire to the tv. That's why I'm worried about changing things up. My mother called me after she got home from work last week țo tell me how embarrassed she was that she couldn't figure out how to turn on the computer at work. Somehow she couldn't find the tower to the computer. I don't see how she couldn't personally but still. Just goes to show how technology illiterate they can be.
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