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Help help me!


Apr 24, 2012
i have had my g2x for a while and love it but now i have a problem and cant figure out how to fix it.

i downloaded the battery saver app called Juice Defender and it didnt really work so i uninstalled the application. Now I have ZERO internet connection and can not get it to cut back on. I have restatrted my phone a bajillion times and also cut airplane mode on and off and nothing is working. I even went to the juice defender applications website and there is no information on how to fix the problem.

i also looked in my about phone section and found that my mobile network state is disconnected and I have no idea what that means or how to fix it. Also that is what the juice defender was suppose to do but it never cut it back on and now I cant download it again to see if that fixes it because I have no internet connection what so ever... if someone could PLEASE tell me how to fix it I would be greatly appreciative because I use my phone ALOT and im getting evcery frustrated that nothing is working so far


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