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Help needed for Bravis NB701!! Anyone pls :(

Hey, thank you for replying :)
It only shows the software that it is using. There's no button to select or check for new software updates. You can refer to the imaged tagged in this post for how the screen looks like.
it has be awhile since i was on android 4.4, but there should be a separate section for software info instead of the about tablet section.

if not then there is no update.

have you tried searching for software update in your settings?
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You shouldn't waste too much time trying to upgrade that model's firmware, that's a very dated model and any Android version upgrades will have to be provisioned and provided by the manufacturer. So don't expect Bravis to continue any active development and support for a device that old.
It's a common misconception Android devices can just be upgraded the same way one does with a computer operating system, it's a very different process. Give some serious thought into just upgrading to a new device. At this point it's not just that support for KitKat ceased years ago but the apps you might be running on it will also be very out-of-date. Even if you choose to ignore the security and privacy aspects that are a part of intentionally using out-dated software, there's also the issue where you'll be encountering more and more accessibility problems with various online services as time goes by.
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If there is no developer support for your device, then there will be no real root solution either.

Unless your device is popular, or has some great bells and whistles, then there will be no developer support for it.

Does the thing work?
What are you trying to achieve with an update?

I deal with low power, cheap devices all the time.
I don't do system updates.
I never have had the need to.

My oldest fully functional device is a 5.1.1, which is not too much newer than the device that you mention.
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Heyy thank you for taking time to reply :)
Im wondering if i can use root to force update it to a higher version? yknow to kinda not waste a device. It's a spare device with no important info in it anyway, so i dont mind trying to force update it.

Well if no updated firmware actually exists for your particular device, then it's impossible to force it to update, end of.
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Im tryna download an app that requires android 6. :(
yep nothing here will ever get your tablet to work on android 6. your tablets was not made for that update. even if you were able to root and install a custom, you would not able to get an android 6 app to work.

what most devs do to get a custom rom with a higher android os to work on a device not meant for it to work is that they will break that android os (in your case android 6) apart. they will then incorporate features of android 6 into a base rom(usually the highest android update that device was currently on). so the base rom could be android 5 with the main features of 6.

so you see even a custom rom will not work for what you are trying to do.

your best bet is to upgrade and get a newer device.
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