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Help Help needed SPC code


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I live in Poland and i cant't find anywhere how to get SPC code for my phone to get into the ##PROGRAM menu.
None of codes like 000000 seems to work. Is there any way i can read this code from the phone?

My network provider is Play.

Thanks in advance for any replies
The SPC code is for CDMA phones (No SIM). This Unlocks it for you from most restrictions a carrier sets (such as locking it to their company, or disabling connectivity settings).
However, the Milestone uses GSM (With a SIM Card). This would require a SIM Subsidy Unlock code. Once you obtain one and enter it into your Milestone, this lets you use your Milestone with any carrier's SIM card. Once you unlock the phone, it will always be unlocked (it doesn't lock to whatever the next SIM is you put in). In most cases, the carrier who sold you the phone will provide you with one after meeting certain conditions. If not, there are many third party companies who can assist you.

If you're looking to do something like remove locked applications, or change firmware that your carrier installed; then what you're looking to do is root your Milestone. There are a few threads around this forum for instructions on how to do so.
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