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Root HELP New Member. Looking for some info about HTC Aria


Nov 5, 2014
Hey every one, hope every one is having a good one. Im new to this form. And need some advice. Im probably at a beginner level, maybe a little above When talking about ROMs and all that. Im a Line man Electrician. But when it comes to this stuff, I have no clue. About this hole non root/ root? Trying to under stand more

OK heres is whats up. Im currently on Tmobile service. Phone, HTC Amaze 4g. Almost a year old. With no insurace. While I was playing on it one day, while charging the phone. The battery level was around 60%. Then all a sudden my device just turns off. And Im not even able to turn it back on. Hell the charging indicator wont even light up. So I check my battery with my UEI true-rms, muti meter. Made sure my meter reading under d/c. battery was reading around 2.7. The battery says full charge is at 3.2. Went to a battery store. They let me try one of there battery's, praying it would work. No luck ( Battery Plus, I highly recommend them. Good people) So I gave up. Other than sending my phone to htc, to repair it. Figured Id ask on here. Whats the likely the problem, and is this a common problem

So I had a old HTC Aria. From when I was a AT&T customer. Called and got the Factory unlock code. Well ever since then. When turning the phone getting to the home screen. About 5 seconds after u unlock it. It read like a force close type deal/ or dont have user permission. Clicks ok, and it repeats the process. ETC. ETC. Lucky I had a down loaded a different launcher. In Android Market. Its the only way I'm able to use it now. The app is ADW. I was wondering should I root my phone. Or whats the best way to get the permissions. To update and access all the apps?

Since my screen was cracked bad. I got my g/f Iphone 3g. And made sure it was up to date. As much as I could get it, with out rooting. But its not able to send/receive MMS. Just looking for some answers To any of my questions. I would be very appreciative. Im not from money. Or got much. So trying to make this work. Intill I can Save some funds for a new phone

Sincerely Daniel


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